F.A.T. stands for Forum for Architectural Theory.

It is a horizontal teaching-learning program based on an open debate about fundamental topics related to architecture.

The F.A.T. believes in the primacy of theory as a project tool.

Indeed, the word theory comes from the Greek word theorein, meaning the contemplation of an idea prior to action. Therefore, it provides a space for projection, rather than sheer reaction to contingencies.

The F.A.T. aims to produce synergy among thinkers and practitioners regarding this project dimension.

It promotes critical consciousness among emerging architects through debate and confrontation.

It aims to actively involve scholars in the act of planning, encouraging their engagement with the operational level of the discipline.

The F.A.T. believes in architectonic discourse as a form of collective intelligence and stands against the current cultural atomization. The construction of a common ground of understanding is the premise for broad synthesis.