Semester I.

The word Permanence has a very constructive ambiguity: on one hand can be related to the witnessing of what resists the historical process, material or immaterial. On the other hand it carries a wish for eternity which is deeply embedded in the architecture practice, and more in general in the fundamental idea of project, as the human activity parexcellence: the ambition to transcend the own actual condition.

According to the chosen literature we will analyze reiterations through different historical periods, but also investigate the potential permanence laying in the recent change of paradigm produced by new technologies. The goal of the semester is to isolate fundamental aspects of architecture and ultimately the tasks that are worth to engage with.

Session 01 - 10.01.18
Session 02 - 14.02.18
Session 03 - 14.03.18
Session 04 - 18.04.18
Session 05 - 09.05.18
Session 06 - 20.06.18

Semester II.

According to its etymology, the word ‘revolution’ holds an intriguing ambiguity: It can be understood as radical change of the status quo or as a 360° journey, a circular movement that brings something back to its original position. Even its prefix re-covers both the notion of against and of again.

Depending on the width of the historical frame placed on it, revolution either encompasses the vital coexistence of dynamism and violence or the reiteration of the pre-existing, embodied in the idea of circular motion.

Much in this vein, the choice of topic represents both a departure from our last seminar “On Permanence” whilst ensuring a certain degree of methodological continuity.

Our focus will be to explore this polarity in the history of architecture and to speculate on possible future revolutions.

Session 07 - 05.12.18
Session 08 - 30.01.19
Session 09 - 20.03.19
Session 10 - 24.04.19
Session 11 - 03.07.19
Session 12 - 25.09.19