Semester III

Session 24

June 28 2021
at 7:30PM
Location: zoom space

ID: 614 9395 8715
Passcode: 201566


The text “Stanley Tigerman” has been proposed by Emmanuel Petit .

It is a chapter out of the book: “Irony. Or, The Self-Critical Opacity of Postmodern Architecture” by Emmanuel Petit.

excerpt from the text
Text Synopsis

* Synopsis by Emmanuel Petit, 2021, Ph.D. Princeton, MA, dipl. arch. ETH Zurich

About the Authors

Architecture follows a double logic: the order of matter, on the one hand, and the course of ideas, on the other.

Since it is impossible to achieve an unambiguously stable relationship between these two foundations of architecture, our field finds itself suspended in a conceptual twilight zone, which I theorize through the lens of irony.

Postmodern architecture was the historical moment when the paradoxes of irony became the driving force for the discipline.

I will lay open some of the differential creative mechanisms of irony, and reflect on architecture then and now*

Emmanuel Petit is associate professor in the Yale School of Architecture. He received his MA and PhD degrees from Princeton University (2001, 2006), and an MSc in architecture from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH, 1998). He is editor of Philip Johnson: The Constancy of Change and of Stanley Tigerman: Schlepping Through Ambivalence (Yale University Press, 2011). His essays have appeared in Architectural Review, JSAH, JAE, Log, Thesis, Trans, Thresholds,  Archithese, Perspecta, andConstructs, as well as in a number of exhibition catalogues.Together with Ralitza Petit, he is founding partner of the architectural practice EPISTEME LLC and a partner of JEAN PETIT ARCHITECTES S.A. in Luxembourg City.