Pirandello, Luigi, Eastford CT, Martino Fine Books, 2017 first published in Italian in 1976
Edited by TEN with Eirini Peraki and Natalie Donat-Cattin

One, no one, and one hundred thousand
Luigi Pirandello
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and Natalie Donat-Cattin
TEXT Luigi Pirandello

About the Author

source: Ten Studio Website

How does architecture resolve the cleft between its social visibiility and its limited power? Can extended irony help architecture transform its potential: from pictural to narrating? 

If the aesthetic potential of irony is exhausted, can irony be used to push the boundaries of what we identify as architecture space? 

Assuming a non-identity would ignore the requirement to reveal anything. Could it be an attempt of creating “third spaces” whre experience unfolds through movement and action? 

TEN is a Zurich and Belgrade based architecture studio formed in 2019 by founders and core members of TEN association. Studio works on the principle that value is an outcome of design effort, and aims to conceive, explore and produce ideas that both state and expand upon emerging practices in the built environment. The focus lies on producing new realities, by means of buildings, urban proposals, algorithmic design, materials research and prototypes with a range of collaborators, institutional partners and private clients.